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Darby has been painting for fifty years.  He studied painting at The School of Visual Arts under well known artists such as Sam Martine, Jack Potter and Gilbert Stone and photography under Cora Wright  Kennedy.   Darby is classically-trained in the Renaissance technique of glazing of the Old Masters.   In the late eighties and nineties he showed his work at the Master Eagle Gallery in New York, and was a regular exhibitor at Old Westbury Gardens.  Winning awards from the Lake Gallery in Lake Tahoe, California and Gallery de Hamptons in West Hampton Beach. Since then he has pursued other career interests, but has continued to work on many paintings.   Darby is particularly well known for his portraits. He recently has retired from a long career at The New York Times and now resides in Queens, New York.

 About the artist

Email:                                   Phone:  123-456-7890

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